Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good videos on sustainability

Recently I have watched a couple of good videos explaining some of what is going on in the world in relation to energy, economics, environment and sustainability in general.

If you have limited time, this video by Tom Murphy is only 23 minutes but provides a very good explanation of why continued exponential growth is simply impossible:

Tom Murphy is an associate professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego and he also blogs about sustainability issues at: Do The Math. Here you can read more of Tom's analysis which is backed up by his knowledge of physics and his calculations based on actual physics formulas and real data.

For a much longer but still very good video to watch (it's around 3 hrs but comes in 19 parts), I recommend the "Crash Course" by Chris Martenson. Chris is a gentleman who has a PhD in neurotoxicology, an MBA in Finance and has studied in great detail some of the current economic, environmental and energy issues the world is facing today.

This video is available from his website (Chris Martenson dot com), or Sustainable Loudoun has a DVD copy. Chris also allows people to make copies of his DVD, please contact me if you would like a copy of your own.

These examples are just two of many resources available to learn about this unique time in history that we live in. If anyone has more examples they would like to share, please reply or comment on this post and I will update it with more resources.

Note: Myself or Sustainable Loudoun are not associated with either of the above mentioned individuals, I just think they have made some very informative presentations.

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