Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the season - for new LED lightbulbs!

Today is the day to use those gift cards you got to help save yourself some money and the planet too. Based on this morning's trip to Home Depot, I have updated my lifetime cost calculations for LED/CFL/Incandescent bulbs. The chart is based on recessed lights, 65-75W equivalent R-30 bulbs, 5 yrs use per day, $.12 kWh electricity price. These lights are very common in the houses in my neighborhood. The LED bulbs are down to $30 each, so get our there and replace those old bulbs!

On a related note, 40w equivalent LED bulbs in A-19 (standard bulb shape) are selling for only $10 a piece. This is a great deal - I got 5 of these today for a dimmable fixture and they work great! Anyone care to work the payback numbers for those? Please leave a comment if you do!

Total Lifetime costs of light bulbs


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